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Hamilton Chartered Accountants provides professional and reliable services to clients in different categories of small and medium sector at a competitive rate.

Our aim is to build strong long term relationships and excellent service delivery with our clients in Namibia for both new and existing businesses.

We assist clients with the following services:

  • Audit and Assurance
  • Management and Financial accounting
    • Monthly Accounting Services (submission of VAT, PAYE, Import, Social Security returns)
    • Compiling and rendering of Financial Statements – Individuals as well as Close Corporations Auditing Services
  • Taxation
  • Company Secretarial and Administration
    • Registration of Close Corporations and Companies
    • Submission of Annual Duties
    • Registration for VAT, SSC, PAYE
  • Business advice
    • Risk and compliance assessment
    • Performance and Technology
    • IT
  • Management Consulting
    • Business Planning and Financial Forecasts
  • Financial Services
  • Estate Planning
  • Short and Long term Insurance
  • Investments